Theodore Deppe

Beautiful Wheel

ISBN: 9781851320844

Praise for the poetry of Theodore Deppe:

‘Theodore Deppe’s scrupulous attention is tender, uncompromising, and full of a rare quality of moral weight.

Witness has been raised to an art; everything is at stake in these painstaking, loving observations.’ – Mark Doty

‘Deppe mediates his subjects with a Chekhovian eye and heart in these extraordinary poems.’ – Stephen Dunn

‘One comes away from these compact lyrical narratives with a sense that whatever the poet’s eye or mind has fallen

on, been compelled to attention by, is somehow cared for, cherished, allowed to be its own full self.’ – Eamon Grennan

‘In these elegant and searing poems, Theodore Deppe gives voice to the full complexity of human character,
creating a world that is charged and expansive.’ – Betsy Sholl