Órfhlaith Foyle

Clemency Browne Dreams of Gin


9781851321094 – paperback
9781851321100 – hardback

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Clemency Browne Dreams of Gin is Órfhlaith Foyle’s second short fiction collection. Her other books from Arlen House are Somewhere in Minnesota(2011, short fiction), Revenge (2005, short fiction and poetry) and Red Riding Hood’s Dilemma (2010, poetry), which was shortlisted for the Strong Award. Her debut novel is Belios (The Lilliput Press, 2005). Born in Africa to Irish parents, Órfhlaith now lives in Galway.

“Mr Olson has three children. Sometimes they come to the asylum and look at us. They prefer the ones who are madder than I am. The ones who don’t wash and the ones who scoot naked on the ground like monkeys, and trail their female blood so that Mr Olson’s children giggle and dance.

Once I touched Mr Olson’s youngest boy. He was barely six. When he looked at me, I thought his blue eyes turned like wheels inside his head. They had grey spokes. They turned and I screamed.

Men beat me after that.”