Dolores Stewart

Cool Chaint

ISBN: 9781851322428

Praise for Dolores Stewart’s poetry

“Is file déanta í Stewart agus máistreacht aice ar an uaim, ar na hiomhánna agus ar an rithim.”

– Philip Cummings,

“Saothar a tharraingíonn as foinsí na fealsúnachta, na staire agus an dúlra a fhaighimid i ndéantúis Stewart agus tá a saothar ar maos i dtírdhreach iarthar na hÉireann. Ar na leabhair a tháinig óna peann tá ’Sé Sin le Rá agus An Cosán Dearg.


“Dolores Stewart imagines, thinks and writes in the two tongues of Ireland. In both modes of language … each with its own independent demesne of line and locution … Stewart invests the hallmarks of the European imagination with personal and contemporary pertinence.”

– James Silas Rogers, New Hibernia Review

“Dolores Stewart … more widely published in Irish than in English … Presence of Mind exhibits a sensibility profoundly shaped by the Western canon. Her wider European culture is as fully assimilated as the detailed idiom of local speech. Beautifully exact, these poems wear their undoubted intelligence lightly … a book of real substance, which deserves to be widely read.”

– Fiona Sampson, The Irish Times

“Poems which are both subtle and affecting, and containing cleverly balanced lyrics that are ingeniously framed with a number of jaw dropping moments where complexity and simplicity co-exist brilliantly.”

– Kathryn Gray, Agenda

“Dolores Stewart’s combined use of intellect and evocative word-choice is a pure illustration of the ability to display a passion for noticing the small details of life and for telling stories through beautiful language.”

– Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Divas! A Sense of Place

“Stewart also manages a feat beyond all but very few writers: In Out of the Rain contains a number of poems in Irish, not noticeably less competent than those in English … a mature debut deserving close attention.”

– David Wheatley, Sunday Tribune