Emily Cullen

In Between Angels and Animals

ISBN: 9781851320790

Some critical responses to Emily Cullen’s work:

“With No Vague Utopia (Ainnir, 2003), Emily Cullen has produced a gem … Her themes surround recollections and ephemera, paeans to moments in time, vividly recalled. Her language is rich and vibrant, and her metre musical and textured. While each poem is a personal expression of one woman’s experience, Cullen’s ability to vividly describe and render these experiences ensures that her readers can recreate each moment with her”

The Stinging Fly, 2004

“the style … is sturdily lyrical, the voice is confident and erudite, the vision insightful, the promise immense. This achievement – just that – notable”

Black Mountain Review, 2003

“She is always that small distance apart. Noticing and then crafting those perceptions into shape, she is adept at formalizing … There are half-rhymes scattered niftily here and there, always the sign of a writer who loves what they are doing … Emily is an example of new European-wide influences bringing in richer texture and wider subject-matter into Irish writing as in ‘Two landmarks locked in dialogue’”

The Lantern Review, 2004