Susan Knight

Out of Order

ISBN: 9781851321452

Those seeking a singular poetic vision will be amply rewarded. Knight emerges as a highly skilled and engaging writer. – Verbal Arts

If you want your dull world turned upside down, Gomorrah is the one for you. An underground classic contender. – Evening Herald

Grimaldi’s Garden may begin with the banality of the suburbs, but it ends up somewhere decidedly more urbane. And along the way we are fed the tedium of humdrum lives. But appearances are deceptive. As we learn how precious little we know about those we think we know, the story looks at life from a different perspective; takes a glimpse beyond the obvious. – Sunday Tribune

Ms Knight is to be complimented for the daring of her experimentation and for having the courage to write about despair without herself despairing. Original and engaging, The Invisible Woman deserves to be widely read. – The Sunday Press