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Having translated so much poetry and haiku from East and West, Gabriel Rosenstock’s own poetry in Irish passes through many borders with ease. His philosophic reflexions and concern about the disappearance of species, real and imagined – so present in Sasquatch – greatly succeed in telling us what a poet used to be and should be still: the conscience of human society.

– Germain Droogenbroodt, Belgium

A rare animal seen by very few is the Sasquatch; so, too, the Poet. In these poems the Sasquatch watches the ephemeral world around him and is watched. The surprises multiply and both the watcher and the watched are united in One. With transparency of words and density of vision Gabriel Rosenstock reveals the poet within the reader.

– Dileep Jhaveri, India

Considering the fact that Gabriel Rosenstock is himself a last sasquatch of sorts, I cannot imagine any other poet writing with more authority about the last Sasquatch.

– Michael Augustin, Germany

The form merges beautifully with the theme of these touching poems and aphorisms from the heart of the wondering, wandering Sasquatch …

– Agnar Artúvertin, Faroe Islands

Sasquatch reveals itself on many levels and can be read as a dirge for a species, culture or language in irreversible decline or, on another level entirely, as a  strikingly original extended metaphor for Self-Realization, an irrevocable merging with the One that always was.

– Mícheál Ó hAodha, Ireland

Readers will be drawn on this beautiful journey, wandering around in the fantastic and in the real.

  • Mariko Sumikura, Japan