Jim Chapson


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Stillness. The bruised reed not breaking.

Dust on the road.

Justice. The sun rising, sweeping across the sky.

Darkness falling. Stars.

Who can bear this?

− from Justice

Jim Chapson, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1944, was educated at San Francisco State University, and now teaches satire and other forms of writing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has been a regular visitor to Ireland for over forty years and has an active involvement in the Irish literary scene. His first book-length collection, Daphnis & Ratboy, was published by Arlen House in 2008.

‘From start to finish he presents a stunning body of work that deftly moves between razor sharp satire and passionate spiritual concern’

− Paul Vogel, An Sionnach

‘His first full collection is an accomplished work. He is a versatile poet who is able to express a variety of feelings, to use irony, paradox and humour, to deal with contemporary settings and draw upon classical sources’

− Maurice Harmon, The Irish Times