Geraldine Mills

A native of Galway, Ireland, Geraldine is a poet and short story writer with five collections of poetry, three collections of short fiction and a children’s novel. Arlen House has published her short fiction collections, Lick of the Lizard (2005), The Weight if Feathers (2007) and Hellkite (2014). Her poetry collections include Unearthing Your Own (2001) and Toil the Dark Harvest (2004), which were published by Bradshaw books, Cork. An Urgency of Stars (2010), published by Arlen House, was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship. Arlen House was also the publisher of The Other Side of Longing (2010), a collaboration with U.S. poet Lisa C. Taylor. Her children’s novel Gold (2016) was published by Little Island.