Patrick Melia

From Trinity to Treanmanagh

ISBN: 9781851320851

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“The babies, Poppy and Holly, seemed to me the most precious things I had ever seen. I suppose this is a phenomenon that ensures the survival of the species. Holly was full of ebuliant humour which could alternate with temper to the extent that earned her the nickname Thunderball, but it was soon over. Poppy, on the other hand, was calm and sensible and wise beyond her years.

Our next move was another step towards the country and its inhabitants. It took us further than the step from London to Dublin. The gulf between Dublin and Kerry was like crossing to another continent. First the accent was so impenetrable that I could hardly understand anything that was said to me. After six months I could make out some of the words, but then, although I could distinguish the words, they did not seem to make any sense to me. Despite this the patients expressed great satisfaction with their treatment. I worked at Killarney Hospital and at out-patient clinics throughout the county in the Kerry Psychiatric Service”.