Lisa C. Taylor

Growing a New Tail

ISBN: 9781851321285

The stories in Growing a New Tail will move you with their honesty and sustain you with their compassionate and fierce commitment to human resilience. Taylor’s characters are as real as your neighbours, as exasperating and complex and present as your family. Their choices are constrained, their failures temporary, and their triumphs provisional as all real victories are. Here is a writer who is nobody’s fool, especially not those who suggest that people are pitiable and renewal impossible. The writing here is exquisite, the observations nearly preternatural, the intelligence incandescent. I am grateful for this book.

– Richard Hoffman, author of Love and Fury

Growing a New Tail has me growing a new admiration for Lisa C Taylor. If you know her as an accomplished poet, you’ll join me in marvelling at how deftly she hops to prose – even incorporating some braiding of the forms – in this strong collection fittingly about reinvention. If you’ve already been lucky enough to encounter Lisa’s fiction, you’ll celebrate her first book of short stories, populated memorably by characters who must find their footing after their lives have been irreparably altered by loss or circumstance.

– Suzanne Strempek Shea, author of This is Paradise: An Irish Mother’s Grief, an African Village’s Plight and the Medical Clinic That Brought Fresh Hope to Both