James Liddy

Rome That Heavenly Country

ISBN: 9781851320226

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I will not and I did. The roadfork from rebellion to
clarity. I did, I went out into the vine heat. Give
starvation wine. One grape a time. Preferably one
should talk only to one high priest and youngsters.
Others went into the yard: tax collectors for the
community budget, and prostitutes to set up some
idea of love. There is no such thing as just an earthly

− ‘I will not and I did’

At his death in November 2008, James Liddy left behind three manuscripts, two of which, Fest City and It Swings from Side to Side, were complete and have now been published. The third manuscript, entitled Rome That Heavenly Country, consisted of 72 pages of poems. Following page 38 is a note which reads, “Revised up to here”. On the front of the manila folder holding the manuscript is a handwritten note: “Rome that Heavenly Country. Book of religious poems in the making. a lot of work needed. the revised poems are alright. — the rest? 09/2008” This book consists of the first 38 pages of that manuscript, the revised poems which James considered “alright”. The entire manuscript is in the James Liddy Archive at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This is the final collection that James Liddy created.