Órfhlaith Foyle

Somewhere in Minnesota


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Órfhlaith Foyle’s stories of human love and need portray not only the darker layers of humanity, but also its craving to belong to someone and somewhere; to have a history, a present and the dream of a future.

Her characters are driven by their own demons. Sometimes there is redemption, yet, even if there is none, Órfhlaith Foyle’s characters at least know that they have come close.

‘Órfhlaith Foyle’s strange stories of violence and yearning beguile the reader even as they disconcert. She is a true original, a writer of great gifts, and I find her work immensely compelling and memorable’ − Joseph O’Connor

Órfhlaith Foyle was born in Nigeria to Irish parents and now lives in Galway. Her first novel, Belios, was published in 2005 by The Lilliput Press to critical acclaim. The same year Arlen House published Revenge, a collection of her short fiction and poetry. Her début poetry collection, Red Riding Hood’s Dilemma (Arlen House, 2010) was short-listed for the Rupert and Eithne Strong First Poetry Collection Award in 2011. This is her début short fiction collection.