Niamh McBrannan

The Devil Looks After His Own



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Sharp, utterly brilliant, a rollercoaster ride that will keep you turning the pages. Dark, witty, and as fast paced as they come. An exceptionally unique perspective on Ireland’s capital city and its kaleidoscope of characters

– Louise Phillips

Welcome to Sin City on the Liffey …

Burnt-out Connie (Constance) Ortelius has abandoned her ruined past to caretake Dublin’s greasiest café for her ancient Aunt Aggie, a poker champion away on a Las Vegas junket. But along with the Silver Bullet Café, she discovers a clutch of readymade enemies as well as a vengeful coffee machine. The locals are descended from generations of criminals – and they’ve got completely the wrong idea about Connie’s former profession in Amsterdam. It’s just the first misunderstanding in this gritty Dublin crime novel where an ordinary woman is pushed beyond her limits against dark forces she only gradually comes to understand.

When the dead body of teenage street artist, Stevie Hennessy, is pulled from the river, his hand blackened by a terrifying disease, his best friend, Kitty Lee, insists it’s not another homeless addict’s misadventure – and Connie foolishly gets involved. Warned off by the police and threatened by gangland racketeers, soon she’s in a race to unlock the secret of a danger about to destroy the city’s most vulnerable people.

As intrigue, betrayal and more bodies mount up, the story spirals rapidly from tea and gur-cakes to the ninth circle of hell. Be warned – like Connie – that in this place you can trust no-one.

And your only choice for starters is the Truth Du Jour …